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Looking ourselves positively

Present constitution is agreed upon by all, there is need to act upon it. We do not need foreign loans. We need justice, transparency, and corruption free governance. Khalifa Zia Uddin also recited his poetry after the end of the discussion

This time Prominent intellectual and industrialist Khalifa Zia Uddin was the Guest Speaker at Eilaf Club. Talking about current affairs he said that it is regrettable that we always look at the dark side of things. We generally don’t like our politics and politicians. But this time our politics is going wonderful. The whole politics of the country has been divided into two blocks, PTI and PDM. It has almost brought two major parties into the field. Shrinking the number of political parties in a democratic set-up is always very good for healthy and truly represented politics. Politics is a very vast field and it wraps up big power groups in it. It leads toward national unity and mutual understanding. Different opinions regarding national issues come ahead and are discussed by all thoroughly and are mature to implement.

Political workers and leaders remain conscious about their words and works. If the ethics and the real soul of democracy adhere then there is not any other free and enjoyable society better than democracy. The current process and position of our politics which has divided us into two major factions is a blessing for us.  This political division, though harsh enough, has diminished all our religious, racial, and geographical differences. If this harsh wave of politics were not there then we could have faced all other types of differences that could be fatal for national unity and integrity. Presently we have forgotten to be Baluchi, Sindhi, Punjabi, and Pathans we are only in PTI or PDM, and we are not indulging in the conflicts of religious sectarianism. This is a very big achievement of the nation and shows the sagacity of the leaders. Present political controversies will end up with even far better results for democracy. A strong democracy is better and not bad for us. The present vibrant political struggle has wiped out chances of any bloody revolution from society. In a good democracy generally, two main political parties do have differences regarding social and economic matters.

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People vote for them for their manifestos. Even after winning the elections these government parties keep a close eye on public opinion and manage public opinion surveys and polls for getting the true pulse of the peoples liking and dislikes. We have seen bloody revolutions in different nations’ histories. But in our country, we see that there was one man dead during the anti-Ayub Khan riots and the government was changed. We know it very well that our armed forces do not fire at their own people. Our armed forces are there for the country’s defence, they have been established and trained constitutionally for defending the country and have not come as a result of any conspiracy or bloodshed. There might be many faults and weaknesses in a democratic system but it provides a system to bring the politicians of different thoughts and manifestos to the platform of parliament and come to a consensus. We confess that in the present scenario there has been created great hatred against each other. Politicians are not seeing beyond their personal and party interests and their followers are thinking that only their stance and thinking are right among all humans. With all of this, we must not forget that no country and society can exist on this globe without having a national approach. This is also imperative for social and economic development. We need to educate all of our kids. But ethical and moral values are much more important than education. We must see good in others also. Never be disappointed. Faith and courage. Determination and consistency are the shining guides of life. In all societies, there is also bad along with good. Our country is some of the top countries where rich people distribute free food to the poor. They won’t allow anyone to die hungry.

Thousands of Free Operation Campus are arranged annually throughout the country where medicines and food are also provided free to the patients and their attendants. Especially Rotary is in front of all for performing such welfare jobs. As a nation at least we believe in two basic things we will never accept the hegemony of India in the region and will never leave our religion. We are paying price for these two beliefs of ours. We were compelled to become atomic power because of the Indian attitude. The present economic crisis is not so severe if we handle it with care. There must be a general consensus on national economic policies. There should be a charter of the economy signed by all political parties. At the time of freedom in 1947 our population in this western part of the country was less than less than fifty million now we are more than 2200 million but there are very few hungry people. In poor rural areas, people have motorcycles, TV sets and refrigerators at their homes. We have vast opportunities to avail ourselves. We need to have trust in others living with us. I run a factory and have full trust in my employees, I never had a complaint of cheating with the workers.  I often faced a loss because of my mistakes in the business, but the loss I faced because of my workers’ mistakes is not more than one percent of the total loss. If we look at our society deeply, we will find that we are very good people if we have weaknesses we have also plus points of our own. As far as our foreign policy is concerned we didn’t fail in it.

We have benefitted from our friendship with the United States of America in the past. The US needs us for its own programs. We are located in a very important strategic position and along with atomic power, we have the best-armed forces. If the US impedes in our swimming it will also not let us drown. Indian extremism is a hurdle in our good relations and solving problems with them. It was Hindus’ extremism which compelled us to demand a separate homeland for the Muslims in the sub-continent. In the present times, we need to think about better strategies to improve our economy. Russian war in Ukraine has disturbed the global economy for the time being. Even developed countries are facing severe problems. Our governments need to decrease their expenses and they can save our economy by a decrease in government expense.

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Taking part in the discussion Rana Amir said that whatever we want to do we can do but our western friends never are happy with us. Especially they are not happy with the Islamic block. Khalifa Zia said that naturally, every government is secular in its structure. But unwise people within the societies make extremism the basis of their politics for easy and quick popularity. Jawaid Nawas said that by listening to Khalifa Sahib he felt as if he was dreaming, whereas in actual life it is not like this. Local and global establishments want to control everything. Their game is to snatch the resources from the people and bring them under their control. We have not seen true democracy in our country even for a day. Our governments are playing as robots in their hands. It is difficult for us to conclude the results of global politics only on the basis of our individual experiences or observations. These are governments and their agencies which can access the realities and stand in front of such powers. Dr. Mujahid Mansoori said that the ideas of Khalifa Sahib are good only for boosting the morale of the youth. Many points raised by him is valid. But the present scenario of our politics is not all right. Law and order situation is miserable, and the economy has been destroyed. Corruption has shown horrible effects on our institutions. There were times when minor corruption was discussed now it is a matter of billions and NROs. It is not a matter of defaming our politicians but everything documented and blatant is coming in front of all. Pakistan has been plundered badly. We should not start any discussion at this important juncture for changing our constitution. The present constitution is agreed upon by all, there is a need to act upon it. We do not need foreign loans. We need justice, transparency, and corruption-free governance. Khalifa Zia Uddin also recited his poetry after the end of the discussion.



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