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LWMC in a fix after giving up workshop to MCL

Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is likely to face a big challenge of repairing and maintaining hundreds of its vehicles as it has handed over one of its workshops in Sikandaria Colony to Municipal Corporation Lahore.

The decision to hand over land of the workshop to MCL was made on the ‘request’ of Deputy Commissioner Lahore, for the purpose of building a girls’ college as proposed under annual development projects. In its letter, the city government also announced allotting another piece of land to LWMC in Shahdra Town for a workshop as a substitute.

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With the establishment of LWMC in 2012, besides allotting at least 52 hectares of land for scientific disposal of waste in the Lakhodair area, City District Government Lahore (CDGL) also allotted four places for workshops in different areas of the city. These workshops were established in Badami Bagh, Outfall Road, Children’s Hospital and Sikandria Colony for the purpose of keeping hundreds of vehicles maintained to dispose of the city’s waste in time.

A letter, available with Minute Mirror, written to LWMC chief executive officer, asked for the transfer of land measuring 34 kanals presently in possession of MCL in favor of the government. Associate College for Girls Sikandria Colony Sodiwal Lahore reflected in ADP 2021-22. However, the LWMC administration vacated the workshop’s land without making prior arrangements.

A top official, seeking anonymity, told this scribe that the LWMC administration handed over the land ignoring the daily needs of repairing and maintenance of hundreds of vehicles. “Workshops are considered the backbone in LWMC which cater to the needs of routine maintenance. Vehicles in LWMC fleet work round the clock, collect waste from all corners of the city and transport it to landfills,” he said, adding that in the course of duty these vehicles often developed minor and sometimes major faults, which needed to be fixed in time.

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The officer continued that after handing over Sikandaria workshop’s land, all the burden had been shifted to the remaining three workshops which were not enough to cater to the needs of all the vehicles. “Vehicles have been forced to park on roads, waiting for their turn to be fixed when they require any maintenance,” the officer said and added that the vehicles which needed early repair are now facing delay, hampering the waste disposal operation.

“The decision of handing over the workshop land was made in haste. LWMC administration would have to establish a new workshop first after taking possession of the new land,” he said and added that LWMC was already under severe pressure from authorities for keeping the city clean and this could be done only when all the vehicles were in good condition.

“LWMC already was facing shortage of workshops and had requested authorities to allot more new places in the city,” he added. Talking to Minute Mirror, LWMC spokesperson admitted that the company was facing problems after handing over one of its workshops to MCL. He said that he did not know where this decision was made but LWMC was bound to act on the directions of the higher authorities. “We are in negotiations with authorities to allot suitable land for the establishment of the workshop,” he said. On a query, he said that he could not say anything about the exact time when the workshop in Shahdra would be constructed and activated.



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