Madonna battles management team over rescheduling Celebration Tour

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Pop icon Madonna has tried to convince her management team to prevent the postponement of her highly anticipated Celebration tour but failed. Sources reveal that the singer engaged in heated discussions with her managers and insurance company to organize the tour as per schedule.
Insiders disclosed that Madonna, known for her determination, expressed her desire to proceed with the tour without delay. However, her team insisted that she needed time to recover and regain her strength before embarking on the demanding concert series.
One insider disclosed that “Madonna told everyone she wants to do the whole thing, soon but her management team and her insurance company kicked back.” The source further revealed the intense battle that took place as Madonna pushed to begin the tour much sooner.
Following recent health concerns, Madonna returned to social media to address the situation and announce the rescheduling of her tour. Originally expected to start in July, the tour will now commence in October 2023, beginning with European dates. In an Instagram post, Madonna expressed gratitude for the support she received, stating, “Thank you for your positive energy, prayers, and words of healing and encouragement. I have felt your love.”
Amidst the postponement, a close friend of the singer disclosed that Madonna is still experiencing weakness even after being discharged from the hospital. Walking exhausts her, and although she insisted she was well enough to perform her U.S. dates, concerns over her well-being prevailed, ultimately leading to the decision to postpone the tour.