Magic of Kafi Khalil’s ‘Kahani Suno’ reaches Bengal

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Another viral video is circulating on social media, where a female singer from the Indian state of West Bengal is performing the song “Kahani Suno” by Kafi Khalil in a live concert.

According to the information available, the singer’s name is Ankita Bhattacharya, and she is a winner of an Indian reality show.

The viral video has received mixed reactions from fans on social media.

One user wrote, “The pain was only in Kafi’s voice.”

Kafi Khalil’s superhit song “Kahani Suno,” was released in 2021, and gained immense popularity among music enthusiasts these days.

The popularity of Kafi Khalil’s song compelled other singers to cover it in their own voices, including Pakistani singer Aima Baig and Dutch singer Emma Heesters.

After that, Sahir, the magician of “Kahani Suno,” captivated Indian singers. Ayushmann Khurrana and Jubin Nautiyal presented their versions of the song.

Then another famous musician and singer, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, also tried his hand at the song and presented his own version, which sparked some dissatisfaction among the fans of “Kahani Suno.”

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