Maha Ali accuses Ali Noor of sexual harassment

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Singer Maha Ali Kazmi has accused Ali Noor, the famous vocalist of Noori Band, of sexual harassment. This sparked a controversy on social media.

In a series of Instagram videos, Maha Kazmi alleges that Ali Noor pressured her to take drugs during her audition for Coke Studio after contacting her office in Lahore.

She also claimed that Manwa Rey singer sabotaged her audition and made inappropriate advances toward her. Despite not being a well-known singer, Maha Kazmi asserts that she will not tolerate such behavior and rejects Ali Noor’s impure intentions.

According to Maha Ali Kazmi, Ali Noor belongs to a group of men who hinder women’s progress by believing that they hold the key to their success and that women can only achieve their goals by satisfying them.

She stated in her social media stories that she possesses enough talent to build her own career and does not require the guidance or advances of someone she considers dirty.
This is not the very first time Ali Noor faced such kind of allegations.

Previously Ayesha Binte Rashid, a journalist, accused Ali Noor of sexual harassment. She shared screenshots of a purported WhatsApp conversation with the singer on her Instagram account, in which she accused him of being a predator.

Ayesha alleged that he emotionally manipulated her, and an incident of sexual harassment took place in the back of her car while driving to the airport. She further stated that Ali is a sexual harasser and predator.