Mahira Khan acquire Rights to ‘This House of Clay and Water’ in to revolutionize Pakistani entertainment

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Actress Mahira Khan is set to make a transformative impact on the Pakistani entertainment sphere through a series of distinct projects. Recently, author Faiqa Mansab revealed on her Instagram that Mahira Khan, along with producer Nina Kashif, had secured the rights to her novel ‘This House of Clay and Water’ through their production company, Soul Fry Films.

In her announcement, the author praised Mahira’s down-to-earth nature and superstar status, expressing confidence that her novel is in capable hands.

“I’m delighted to have Mahira and Nina leading this project because they truly capture the essence of my story. Mahira, who is both grounded and a true superstar, won me over instantly. In just a few words, she demonstrated a deep understanding of my novel. Few individuals have exhibited such insight. My novel is in exceptionally good hands. I eagerly anticipate its portrayal on screen. I extend my gratitude to all those who believe in my stories!,” faiqa said.

In a statement provided to Book Brunch, Mahira and Nina referred to the novel as “one of the most poetic literary works”:

“This book possesses an extraordinary poetic quality that distinguishes it as one of the most profound literary pieces from our region. Each character leaves an indelible impression, and a sense of emotional investment lingers with the reader. The narrative is uniquely distinct yet deeply rooted. Adapting it for our screen audience would be a privilege. We are immensely thankful to Faiqa for entrusting us with what we perceive to be a piece of her heart, which has now become a part of ours.”

Published in May 2017, ‘The House of Clay and Water’ delves into the lives of two women, Nida and Sasha, as they navigate a world that often leaves them feeling estranged.

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