Mahira Khan’s latest photo with its caption from ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’ wins hearts

Superstar Mahira Khan won millions of hearts once again when she took to her Instagram on the weekend to share a classy photo of hers in black-and-white tone. In what looked like a still from a desi fairy-tale, Khan could be observed wearing a shirt embroidered simply yet carrying puffed-up sleeves, exuding a look appealing to connoisseurs of both eastern and western fashion.

What further lent classiness to the photo was Mahira Khan’s caption, which happened to be one of the verses from the song ‘Yeh Kia Jageh Hai’ written by Majrooh Sultanpuri for the film ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’.

This is how the caption for the photo carrying a somber look went:

“Tammam umar ka hisaab….maangti hai zindagi..”

The comments section was instantly flooded with innumerable statements expressing wonder at the photo, the aesthetic look of which seemed to have attracted everyone towards it. Apart from fans who found the photo “majestic”, “wonderful” and even giving “Gone with the Wind” vibes, celebrities also poured in their love, with Ayesha Omar taking the lead by liking the photo as well as seconding the idea the caption carried.