Man arested for faking being engineer and doctor to marry wealthy women

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A person who pretended to be an engineer and a doctor and married 15 divorced and wealthy older women has been arrested.

According to the Indian newspaper “Times of India,” the police in Bangalore, Karnataka, arrested the deceptive individual based on the plea of Hemlata, a resident of Mysore.

The report states that Hemlata, the 45-year-old software engineer and wife of the fraudster, filed a complaint of blackmail and deception, alleging that he had extorted up to 25 lakh rupees from her.

The mentioned individual had married in the state of Andhra Pradesh in January last year, claiming to be a doctor, and was now accumulating money under the pretext of establishing a new clinic.

During the investigation, the police arrested 35-year-old Mahesh, the impostor, and found out that he had married 15 women from different states of India in the past seven years, some of whom have children.

According to the police, the perpetrator created an account on matchmaking websites, posing as an engineer and a doctor, and found these 15 women for marriage.

The investigation revealed that the perpetrator had not received higher education, only completing up to the fifth grade. However, to convince the women, he set up a fake clinic in Karnataka and employed a fake nurse.

The police stated that the fraudster presented himself alternately as a doctor or an engineer, targeting divorced and wealthy older women who were independent and earned money.

The police mentioned that some of the women who married the fraudster became aware of his true identity, but they did not take any legal action against him out of embarrassment or did not disclose the fraud to anyone.

The police discovered that most of the women who married the perpetrator did not ask for money for expenses, and he deceived all of them.

After the story of the perpetrator who married 15 women from different states using matchmaking websites surfaced, several Indian individuals also raised questions about the verification process of such websites.