Man fatally stabbed by former and current wives

    Picture source - Reuters
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    In the state of Bihar, India, a man lost his life in a domestic altercation involving both his ex-wife and current wife.

    According to Indian media, 45-year-old Alamgir Ansari, who resided in Delhi, had divorced his first wife, Salma, and was living in Delhi with his second wife, Amina. Alamgir’s first wife also resides in Delhi.

    Reportedly, both wives arrived in Bihar when Alamgir returned there. Intense arguments broke out between all three in Alamgir’s ancestral home, during which both his former and current wives stabbed him with a knife. Alamgir was critically injured and was rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds.

    As per Indian media, Salma and Alamgir got married ten years ago, but they often had conflicts, which led Salma to start living separately. Afterward, Alamgir married Amina.

    Alamgir’s family members informed the police that both wives reached Bihar on July 9 when they discovered that Alamgir had come to celebrate Eid at his ancestral home. The incident occurred shortly after.

    The police arrested both of Alamgir’s wives and initiated legal proceedings.