Maria Wasti appears stronger and fresher in her new photos!

Maria Wasti has inspired Pakistanis in every possible way. Be it through her spectacular performances in drama serials and films or via her strong political ideologies exhibited on social media, the actress has won hearts, always.

Also, she is one of those very few actresses who never compromise on their acting skills no matter what the circumstances are. Wasti, to date, is as good an actress as she was in the days when the likes of Ashfaq Ahmad, Bano Qudsia, Shakeel Adnan Hashmi and Noor ul Hud Shah were at the peaks of their writing careers, thus resulting in Maria Wasti performing in classics like “Hairat Kada”, “Kallo”, “Badlo’n Par Basera” and “Maa”. Even in contemporary serials, which the majority looks down upon for their clichéd topics, Maria Wasti has kept her strength as a performer intact, and has stood out in “Babban Khala Ki Betiyan”, “Malika e Aliya”, “Rehaai” and “Baandi”, neither surrendering herself to the industry’s low standards, nor letting her fans down.’

In her recent photos that she shared on Instagram, Wasti dons a look that complements her well-grounded and valiant personality. The actress has applied a red lipstick that makes Wasti look fresher than ever, while the look she carries in her eyes promises a life-long strength; a refusal to bow before the standards of a patriarchal society. The photos give as much hope to Wasti’s fans as they seem to have given the actress herself, making us happy that we still have artists who are not only good in terms of physical appearance, but carry strong and inspiring personalities. It is reflected from their very eyes that they refuse to give up and will continue to emerge stronger with every passing day.

The reason why Wasti is being looked up to in this manner is because she is one of those very few artists who have never shown hesitance in raising their voice against the large-scale violence that has started to take place against women and children in Pakistan. Maria has not only lent us support by being vocal on women and children’s rights, but also by assuming looks that exude a strength that will never abate.