Marriage bureau demands 8 lakh rupees for relationship setup, Yashma Gill alleges

Actress Yashma Gill exposes exorbitant marriage bureau fees: Rs. 8 lakhs for relationship matchmaking

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In a candid revelation, popular actress Yashma Gill has shed light on the exorbitant fees charged by marriage bureaus in the quest for love and companionship. She disclosed that a marriage bureau had astonishingly demanded a hefty sum of 8 lakh rupees (equivalent to approximately $11,000) to facilitate a potential relationship.

Yashma Gill shared her experience during an interview, expressing her disbelief at the steep price tag attached to modern-day matchmaking. She candidly stated that finding a suitable relationship has become a costly endeavour. With her busy schedule as an actress, she sought assistance from a marriage bureau in the hopes of finding a compatible partner for marriage. However, to her astonishment, the bureau demanded an astronomical 8 lakh rupees to initiate the matchmaking process.

Working tirelessly from 10 am to 10 pm, Yashma Gill emphasized the lack of time to engage in the traditional pursuit of a life partner. It was during a casual exploration of online marriage bureaus, while on a break from her filming commitments, that she encountered the jaw-dropping fees charged by one particular bureau. To verify her identity, the bureau conducted a video call with the actress and then demanded an initial registration fee of 4 lakh rupees, followed by an additional 4 lakh rupees as compensation for their services if a relationship materialized.

Yashma Gill also shared her family’s perspective on her personal life, acknowledging their desire for her to continue her successful career in showbiz while eventually finding the right partner. She expressed her intention to marry when she meets a suitable partner, emphasizing the significance of a lifelong commitment.