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Massive fire breaks out at Jeddah oil depot

Houthi rebels attack same Saudi oil factory they targeted some days earlier

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have taken the responsibility for an attack on the Saudi Aramco oil facility on Friday. In a video circulating on social media, a huge fire is visible from Jeddah’s Formula one track.

In their statement, the Iranian backed rebels said that they did several attacks with ballistic missiles and drones. The fire was so intense that the drivers who took part in Formula one could smell burning.

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The said attack has targeted the same oil depot that they attacked in recent days. The Saudi state Tv only provided the information that a hostile operation targeted the depot while Saudi Aramco company did not give any response.

Meanwhile, the F1 has said that the position at the moment is not clear and they are waiting to get details from the authorities for further action.

The rebels also claimed to attack other parts of Riyadh as well.



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