Mathira calls out Nadir Ali for inappropriate behavior with women on his show

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Mathira has called out youtuber Nadir Ali for his inappropriate behaviour and comments regarding women on his podcast show.

During a TV show on private media, Mathira, questioned guest Mobeen-ul-Haq about the recent dispute between Nadir Ali and Sanita Marshall. Mathira also mentioned her own experience of participating in Nadir Ali’s show.

Mathira criticized Nadir Ali’s defense by saying that he becomes blind to views and conflicts, and she had personally participated as a guest in his show but had a negative experience due to his inappropriate questions, leading to multiple retakes.

Mathira revealed that Nadir Ali generally has objections towards women, asking them inappropriate questions, which makes female participants uncomfortable and they do not feel respected.

During the show, Mathira also requested Nadir Ali to treat women with respect, but instead, he praised the host, Tabbasch Hashmi, and said that he comes and sets the atmosphere.

Mobeen-ul-Haq, the YouTuber guest, also agreed with Mathira’s view on Tabbash Hashmi, saying that guests enjoy working with him. He observed that based on Tabbash’s questioning style and interaction with guests, it seems he is a local guy from Karachi.