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Mathira, Rabia not happy with Imran’s recent statement regarding Maryam

Another one of Imran Khan’s statements has gone viral on social media, with the former prime minister talking about Maryam Nawaz in an inappropriate manner, accusing her of being interested in him.

The statement offended many including even the staunchest of Imran Khan’s supporters, who said that such sexist remarks, which have unfortunately become a trend among politicians, seriously need to end for women so that they may feel comfortable while practicing their careers as politicians, regardless of their political ideologies.

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Pakistani celebrities also didn’t shy away from expressing how disgusted they have felt on Khan’s statement regarding Maryam Nawaz.

Model and actress Rabia Butt took to her social media to say that people needed to accept where Khan was wrong instead of blindly supporting all that he said and did. She said:

“Call a spade a spade. This wasn’t needed, you were different, this is why you’re here where you’re. Don’t become like rest.”

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Mathira also voiced her take on the issue, suggesting that there should be a difference between a political rally and a gossip session.

“Is this a gossip session or a jalsa? How can you talk about a woman like this! Why is blame-game taunt-game or bully the opposite party why? Seriously this was very stupid move.”

A lot of other people from various professions have also called out Imran Khan for setting wrong standards and disappointing people who look up to him as a change-maker in the Pakistani society.




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