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Media – only a tool in the hands of politicians

This week, the Eilaf Club’s meeting had a discussion on current issues. Ali Sajjad, Nasim Ahmed, Khalifa Ziauddin, Dr. Mujahid Mansoori, Mian Shehzada Ahmed Ali, Javed Nawaz, Azeem Ashraf, Toqueer Khan, Rana Ameer Ahmed Khan, Dr. M. Sharif, and Majeed Ghani were the participants. This two-hour discussion was as difficult as the current economic and political position of Pakistan. There were some moments when participants tended to express their very harsh feelings and extreme points of view. But thank God there was no one who liked to use the language of our political leaders. One of the discussants blamed the Pakistani media for making national politics a mess. Dr. Mujahid Mansoori confessed that traditional media along with very strong but directionless social media are responsible for creating the present disappointing political scenario in Pakistan. Our media is only a tool in the hands of politicians, and they use it for their own purposes. They consider it better to create confusion according to their hidden agenda.

Ali Sajjad said that for the masses, it is difficult to understand what the media targets are by launching different debates at the national level in public spheres. Media people who want to work independently and inform the people of the real facts are also doing their very important work very well and often. The media lives for that. The media’s role has as many aspects as the whole of human life. There is also negative and irresponsible content in the media. But those who sacrifice and face the tyranny of governments for bringing the facts into the light are only found in the ranks of journalists. He said that it is true that most newspapers and TV channels are creating confusion and the temperament of shallow thinking by giving incomplete versions of crucial affairs.

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The daily Minute Mirror is sensitive to such negative effects and gives full facts about important news. We also publish politics but try our best to keep a balance and never go out of track. We also know that this is a country’s media that can present a soft image of the country by highlighting positive aspects of society and avoiding some realities that can denounce the nation. A journalist must avoid that. Khalifa Ziauddin said that whatever the problems and issues may be in our politics, politicians must show decency and sensitivity to the national interests. Countries also should show their determination to uphold the great values of truth, humanity, human rights, peace, and justice. The ruthless attitudes of powerful nations bring havoc on weaker nations. If countries accepted to deal fairly, avoid injustices, and agree upon the same rules and laws for every country, it could bring peace and prosperity to humankind. Big and small nations know this very well, but big powers are not ready for justice and equality.

Nasim Ahmed said that our current political and economic position is perhaps the worst in our country’s history, but there is no need for disappointment. There are still many rays of hope. If sincere people can organize themselves like Eilaf Club and ponder upon the national issues and try to enlighten the people in their own capacity and assert pressure on the politicians to amend their behaviours and pressurize the bureaucrats for a corruption-free administration. It will be a great service for bringing positive trends to society. Nevertheless, mainstream media and social media are being used by politicians for their propaganda and notorious objectives. They are investing heavily in media and dollars are also coming for this purpose. If our media can watch only national interests and provide a strong platform for creating real awareness among the masses about our real problems, it can bring a sigh of relief for all of us.

Rana Ameer Ahmed Khan, Advocate Supreme Court, said that we need to remember our ideology and the objective of getting a separate homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent. Our new generations must know why we were separated. Mian Shehzada Ahmed Ali said that Imran Khan has won the sympathies of the youth by giving them fake hopes for the future, but he failed to deliver during his three and a half years of government. He emphasised the need for peace and good relations with all of our neighbouring countries. Javed Nawaz, former counsel of Pakistan, said that our governments had failed in winning good relationships with other countries. Our diplomatic staff generally do not care about their obligations. If they work and bring positive suggestions back home, then our governments ignore everything ruthlessly. Politicians take care of their own interests.



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