Medicine prices increased despite record inflation; DRAP denies any hike

Picture source - AFP
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The interim government has hiked the prices of medications for masses already under record inflation. However, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has denied saying that there has been no increase in the prices of the medicines.

The Drug Regulatory Authority has notified an increase in the prices of 25 life-saving drugs, under which the price of the new cancer treatment drug Lorica has been fixed at Rs846,857.

According to the notification, the cost of an inhaler for the use of asthma patients has been increased to Rs1390, the cost of one hepatitis injection has been increased to Rs10,275.

The new price of 20 tablets of Paracetamol and Dep Hydradlin will be Rs192, while the price of chloroquine used in malaria has been fixed at Rs1,007.

According to the notification, the price of bortezomib, an injection used in cancer, has been increased to Rs17,513, while the price of xerebexa used in infection treatment has been increased to Rs15,356.

DRAP denies increase in price of medicines:

In a clarification issued by DRAP, it has been said that there has been no increase in the price of medicines, but the government has fixed the price of 25 newly registered medicines.

According to DRAP, there are all 25 new medicines that have not been registered in Pakistan before, all these 25 medicines are being offered for sale in the market for the first time.

DRAP has said that a new drug has been registered in combination with paracetamol and there has been no increase in the price of simple paracetamol.