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Mehfil-e-Sakhun: Pakistani poets enthral Dallas diaspora

Hum Log – Amjad Islam Amjad

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Daairon Mein Chalte Hain!
Daairon Mein Chalne Se
Daaire To Barhte Hain
Faasle Nahin Ghat’te!
Aarzuain Jalti Hain!
Jis Taraf Ko Jaate Hain
Manzilain Tamanna Ki
Saath Saath Chalti Hain!
Gard Urti Rehti Hai
Dard Barhta Rehta Hai
Raaste Nahin Ghat’te!
Subah Dum Sitaaron Ki, Tez Jhilmilaahat Ko
Raushni Ki Aamad Ka Pesh Baab Kehte Hain
Ik Kiran Jo Milti Hai, Aaftaab Kehte Hain
Daaira Badalne Ko, Inquilaab Kehte Hain!

It isn’t often you are invited to spend time with a literary giant such as Amjad Islam Amjad. Winner of the prestigious Pride of Performance award, the Sitara-E-Imtiaz award, twelve PTV and sixteen Graduate awards, and the Necip Fazil International Culture and Art Award, Amjad Islam Amjad is a poet like no other. His contributions to Pakistani and Urdu literature, poetry, television, film, and theater are unmatched and he is the author of more than fifty books, written over a career spanning almost five decades.

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Ally Adnan, along with his wife, Sharoot Malik, and a group of close friends – Rizma and Arjumand Hashmi, Saba and Nader Nanjiani, Muneeba and Salman Siddiqui, and Rabia and Amin Tirmizi – hosted a Mehfil-E-Sakhun at Ally Adnan’s home honoring the great poet. Amjad Islam Amjad cast a breathtaking literary spell over the guests in attendance. He read some of his renowned works including ‘Zara Si Baat’, ‘Ek Kamraa-E-Imtihan Main’ and ‘Ali Zeeshan Key Liye Aik Nazam’.

Shaukat Fehmi, another renowned Pakistani poet, was also in attendance. His heartfelt poetry was appreciated by all, especially the verses taken from his poem about migrating to the US. The guests, who ranged in attendance from teens to the elderly enjoyed the poetic experience that was bar none – something that is rarely experienced in today’s day and age anywhere in the world much less in a drawing room in Dallas, Texas. A soul needs introspection and poetry is but one type of sustenance that helps quiet the noise life brings to us every moment of the day.



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