Mehreen Jabbar’s upcoming web-series has left a lot of people making guesses because of its name

Ace director Mehreen Jabbar is working on a web-series, but the name is the same as that of a telefilm made by her in the 1990s

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The upcoming web-series of Mehreen Jabbar has been making rounds on Instagram, more owing to the actors involved in it sharing photos from the shoot, and less owing to the director herself who still seems to be avoiding spilling the beans.

Sarwat Gillani, who has previously worked with Mehreen Jabbar in Malal, Mata e Jaan and Dil Mera Dharkan Teri had shared a photo on Instagram having the caption, “And it’s a wrap on the sets of farar.”

In the group photo that was shared, director Mehreen Jabbar was at the front, accompanied by Sarwat Gillani and the rest of the crew. Below the caption, the celebrities that were tagged included Tooba Siddiqui, Zahid Ahmed, Mohammed Ahmed, Bao Rana Zafar and Shailja Kejriwal, producer at Zee5.

While many of the fans seemed amazed by Jabbar making another web-series for Zee5 and working with the chocolate hero, Zahid Ahmed, a few were left wondering why Mehreen Jabbar would make another project by the name of Farar.

For those who don’t know, it was in the late 1990s that Mehreen Jabbar had made a telefilm by the same name. A feminist dramatic work which was ahead of its time, Farar starred Sania Saeed, Huma Nawab and Marina Khan as three rebellious women seeking meaning in their lives without bringing under consideration the society’s illogical and worn-out values and traditions.

Now that another project by the name of Farar is being associated with the name of Mehreen Jabbar, a lot of people are thinking why the director would want to eclipse her popular and star-studded project like the 90s’ Farar by making another project of the same name. Some are also of the view that this might be a remake of the same telefilm, this time, however, employing new and young actors to make it seem relatable to all time periods.

While countless people have been making conjectures regarding this new MJ project, the director seems to be keeping it a secret, either for the purpose of breaking the news as a surprise, or for the concerns of producers who might not be wanting to release the details this soon.