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Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Merub Ali has a befitting response for fan who body-shamed her

Social media star turned actress Merub Ali gave a befitting reply to a fan during a question-answer session on Instagram. It was during a make-up session, when one of the many questions which were coming her way asked her why she was short-heighted.

In response, Merub Ali was first left speechless as a result of which she asked her make-up artist to suggest her an appropriate answer. On his advice, the star responded to the fan by saying that she was short-heighted because that was how God had made her, and no one could challenge His will.

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Fans admired Merub Ali for giving the most apt answer to someone who body-shames even in the year 2022, which has no place for mockery and hate-speech.

Celebrities, who face such criticism the most, have been consistently trying to teach the Pakistani public to think beyond physical appearances but unfortunately, it does not seem that it will stop anytime soon. Earlier, actress Ushna Shah was also trolled for her skin colour and she made sure to tell the public how backward they were when it came to their thoughts.

Living in an era marked by people making it beyond the moon, Pakistanis’ concern with body shapes and colours comes as a disappointment to many.



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