Meta, IFCN create ‘fact-checking’ course for Pakistani journalists

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Facebook and Instagram owner Meta launched a partnership with the nonprofit Poynter Institute of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) to provide journalists in the Asia Pacific area, including Pakistan, with a free introductory fact-checking course.

Three modules covering fact-checking, verification, and debunking, as well as health misinformation and disinformation, will make up the course, according to a news statement published today to launch the collaborative endeavor.

The course will instruct journalists on how to identify fact-checkable assertions, fact-checking methodology, and tools and tactics to help them along the way.

It further stated that the self-paced course could be finished in two to three hours and was now offered in 15 languages, including English and Urdu.

While this was going on, IFCN Interim Direct Ferdi Ozsoy stated that the Meta partnership was a crucial step in empowering people with the necessary tools to combat misinformation and strengthen journalistic excellence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Through Meta’s Third Party Fact-Checking Program, Meta and the IFCN collaborate as important partners to strengthen the information ecosystem. The news release states that these courses help journalists and build and boost the credibility of fact-checkers in the fight against misinformation in the Asia Pacific area.