Microscopic marvel: ‘Salt Grain’ handbag sells for staggering $63,750

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MISCHF’s (Museum of Small and Comparative Handbag Fetishism) tiny but mighty’ handbag has been sold out for over $63,000.

According to a report by BBC, this tiny handbag measures just 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers.

The bag belonged to the renowned art group MISCHF (Museum of Small and Comparative Handbag Fetishism) in New York, known for its auctions of art pieces.

The group claimed that “the size of this art piece is so small that it can easily pass through the eye of a needle, requiring a microscope to appreciate its details.”

They mentioned that “while large, normal-sized, and small handbags are prevalent everywhere these days, this bag represents the epitome of small size.”

Luxury handbag designer Louis Vuitton’s branding is featured on the bag, but it is not officially affiliated with the brand.

The bag was created using three-dimensional printing technology, commonly used for constructing small mechanical models and structures.

According to the report, when the bag was being created, the samples sent to the brand for approval were so tiny that they got lost within the art group’s team.

However, the loss of these samples shouldn’t be a concern for the new owner of the bag, as it was purchased with a digital display microscope included.

The digital display microscope can be purchased online, ranging in price from $60 to $10,000.

The bidding for this miniature bag started at $15,000.

Chief Curator at MISCHF, Kieron Winters, told The New York Times that the group did not seek permission from the brand to use it.