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Milgem Corvette is the finest moment of Pak-Turkiye ties, says PM Shehbaz

PM Shehbaz Sharif while talking to the Turkiye business council stated, “I’m happy to have a wonderful opportunity to renew our relation with Turkiye.”

He also revealed that both leaders also discussed extending bilateral relations and promoting trade investment and defence production.

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While talking about the Milgem corvette ship project between Turkiye and Pakistan he stated that launching another ship in Istanbul is one of the finest moments of relation and cooperation.

Shehbaz Sharif also pitched a 10,000-megawatt solar power project for Pakistan saying that my investor is my master.

He assured the investors that his government was determined to reduce the importation of oil and petroleum products, which were extremely expensive and cost $27 billion last year.

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“We are unable to afford this,” PM said.

While referring to the solar project PM stated, “It’s not just a paper, or a talk, or feasibility, I, along with my colleagues, am committed to this philosophy that we shall implement this scheme with in letter and spirit with our resources, with investment from Turkiye, from China, from Saudia Arabia, from Qatar, from the UAE (United Arab Emirates), from the United States of America, from wherever.”

He gave the investors his word that the Pakistani government would foster a climate that would be favourable, enabling, and welcoming for their investment in the project.

“We will move forward with this commitment that my investor is my master. And that’s what I believe not from today but from ages and that’s what we are going to implement in times to come,” says PM.

He urged the entrepreneurs that please get their coffers open and ensured the investors that their payments will not be delayed.

“Please trust me, trust my words. Come to Pakistan and I will show you that, God willing, we will be great partners in this great investment portfolio which will be a win-win situation,” he told the investors.

He also urged that historical relations between Turkiye and Pakistan are not reflected properly through the volume of trade investment between the two states.

Sharif also added that there is a lot of potential on both sides so, let’s act together and show it to the world.

He further expressed his deep condolences to the family of those who lost lives in the Istiklal street attack.

He also expressed gratitude to Turkiye for helping Pakistan in times of disaster i.e. floods.


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