Minal weds Ahsan and people cannot just get over it

Marryam Suleman tells how Minal Khan’s wedding has received its share of admiration as well as criticism

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Minal Ahsan Mohsin a.k.a Minal Khan, the famous actress from the all-time favourite twins duo, Aiman and Minal, recently tied the knot with Ahsan Mohsin Ikram and the couple have been under fire for many reasons since then.

From the Baat Paki ceremony of the happy couple to the rest of the wedding functions, internet has been abuzz with the couples’ wedding pictures, which also happened to cause a sudden increase in their Instagram followership in a matter of days.  The most awaited wedding of the year, however, was not as lavish as expected- owing mainly to the comparison between the twin sisters. After all the grandeur we witnessed on Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s wedding, hopes had been even higher for the other sister’s wedding. But the latter couple’s wedding stood nowhere near that of the former’s when it came to the lavishness, or more specifically, in terms of the number of events that took place.

Nonetheless, the wedding has been the talk of the town for more than two months now and netizens could not help criticizing the couple.

Despite the moments of awe from the wedding including the beautiful family photos of the couple, the trolls did manage to find their way in, be it the trolling of Ahsan’s maayon outfit or some intimate moments of the couple.

With the highest Instagram followership, both the twin sisters manage to stay in limelight but this time around, the twins were not  happy as they received serious backlash from the audience following Minal and Ahsan’s intimate honeymoon photos in Maldives.

While Minal Khan chose to maintain her silence, her husband has been very vocal about the appearing controversies.

In a reply to one of such comments on his Instagram post, Ahsan wrote:

“This is me minding my own business and this is you focusing on my life. Focus on your own life.”

Recently, Aiman Khan also came to the couple’s support after their post-engagement party’s intimate pictures got viral. Aiman requested people to give the couple some privacy.

The most followed celeb sisters have also been in the news ever since their clothing brand plagiarism scandal had people massively criticizing them.

Minal and Ahsan are now in Dubai for their honeymoon and we wish the couple a happy time.