Minor runs from home to protect himself from stepmother’s abuse

Child Protection Bureau takes custody of eight-year-old boy

A stepmother who brutally tortured an eight-year-old child is wanted by police while the Child Protection Bureau has taken custody of the boy.

According to details provided by the police, the child went missing from home on Monday morning and reached Begumpura from Tajpura to protect himself from the physical torture of his stepmother.

After reaching the location of the child, police called the Child Protection Bureau and handed the child over to them.

Child Protection Bureau Chairperson Sara Ahmed has taken notice of the incident and has ensured that the child would get all the treatment that he needed to recover from the mental and physical trauma.

According to details, the child ran away from home to avoid any further torture. The Child Protection Bureau has filed an application with police to take legal action against the minor victim’s stepmother, who is on the run at the moment.

While exclusively talking to Minute Mirror, child rights activist Iram Naeem said that domestic violence involving children is becoming a burning issue nowadays.

“We are not giving much attention to this issue which can damage a generation. A child who has been traumatized at this level, cannot live a healthy life until he gets help through physical and mental therapy,” said Naeem.

Iram further explained the loopholes in the system and said that a helpline for rescuing a child was present but people lacked awareness about using it correctly. The witness usually did not have the courage to report such cases on the spot, she added.

She further said that hundreds of FIRs got registered every day but no one followed up, which was the main cause why the culprit did not get any punishment.

Duaa Mirza is a correspondent covering crime, social issues and law enforcement. She is the youngest crime reporter and the only woman who visits crime scenes on her motorbike. She tweets @DuaaMirza12.