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‘Mir Jaffar is Shehbaz’, clarifies Imran Khan

Says PM should be ashamed of himself for saying he’s attacking institutions

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday clarified that the real Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq of the nation was Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and not any head of state institution as perceived following his address in Abbottabad on Sunday.

“Shehbaz Sharif is real Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq, who is installed as the prime minister through a foreign conspiracy,” he said while addressing a public gathering in Jhelum as part of his party’s drive to mobilise the public and strengthen his stance that he was ousted from power through a US-backed “foreign conspiracy”.

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The former premier had been accused of targeting the military, albeit in a subtle manner. In his public rally in Abbottabad, the PTI chairman had once again said “only animals were neutral”. The deposed premier on multiple occasions had narrated his version of the sub-continent’s history, saying Sirajud Daula was a governor of the Mughal emperor whose commander-in-chief Mir Jaffar colluded with the Britishers to topple the government.

The remarks prompted a response from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, saying that Imran’s speech was “a grand conspiracy against Pakistan” and its institutions. The premier’s statement came on the heels of military spokesperson’s statement warning politicians, journalists and analysts against dragging Pakistan Army and its leadership in the country’s political affairs, saying that the practice is “extremely damaging”.

“[PM] Shehbaz Sharif you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that I am attacking army… Nawaz and Maryam attack army and PM Shehbaz polishes boot,” said the ousted premier while responding to the premier’s allegations that Imran is “spewing venom” against state institutions. “Put my name on ECL [exit control list]. I don’t want to go abroad… I have to live and die here,” he added.

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Imran reiterated his allegations that his government was toppled through a US-backed conspiracy and local “Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq (traitors)” colluded with America for the same. “[The] entire cabinet is going to London on taxpayers’ money and there they will meet convicted absconder… they will take instructions from him… that’s why the entire nation has stood up,” he said while referring to reports that PM Shehbaz along with other PML-N leader is leaving for London to hold important consultations with Nawaz Sharif.

Referring to Dawn leaks controversy, Imran said former PM Nawaz gave impression to India that he wanted friendship with India “but army did not”. The PTI chief said India was targeting the army and the PTI “because they knew that Pakistan cannot be disintegrated in the presence of these two”.

“When I give the call for long march after the [May] 20th, I have only one demand [that hold] early elections and we do not accept this imported government,” he added.

Imran also lashed out at PPP leaders, saying that he will soon visit Sindh and rid the province of Asif Zardari. “You [Zardari] have looted the nation and sent money abroad! I told you when I have been ousted I will become more dangerous for you… I was waiting to be amongst my nation… I thank God for my nation’s support!”



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