Mirza family’s political future uncertain

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With the expected holding of the general elections in the country in last quarter of the current year, the political atmosphere of Badin district is getting rife with plenty of the rumors about the future of Mirza Family. Mirza Family headed by Dr Fehmida Mirza and her spouse Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, who were once mighty political couple of the country, is yet to decide about future policies and arrangements for their “political survival’ in the political quagmire.

Dr Fehmida Mirza, a sitting MNA of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) reportedly had had a meeting with Jahangir Khan Tarren, the chief of the newly formed Istehkam -e-Pakistan Party (IPP) few weeks back, but neither Dr Mirza nor leaders of the newly-born IPP shared anything with media for their joint future plans, implying that the meeting remained only a ‘meetup on the cup of tea’ between two political figures of country.

The sources close to Mirzas when contacted informed this reporter  that they had not been consulted by any member of family before or after that reported meeting of Dr Mirza and claimed that the y were mulling over multiple options before the schedule of the general elections was announced. These same sources said that Mirzas, who are still ostensibly associated with GDA, before making any political decision with regard to their future strategy, would consult with their close aides. The claimed that Mirzas, who enjoyed massive mass support during past two decades, would make some sensible decisions along with their allies ahead of the general elections.

The sources privy to PPP claimed that despite some reported efforts made by Dr Fehmida to rejoin PPP, were foiled by the local PPP leaders including influential Thari MPA Arbab Lutufallah. “The doors of PPP have lomg been slammed on Mirzas for the insulting, foul, filthy and abusive language, Dr ZA Mirza had used against the top parity leadership including Mr Asif Ali Zardari” they asserted. Mirzas, who had entered into political arena of Badin district in early 90s, have been an indispensable part of the politics of the district until the recently held LB polls.

They suffered serious upset when they could not find suitable candidates to contest the held LB polls in Badin district and thus PPP swept the LB polls from the whole district without facing any contest. The disinterest on the part of Mirzas to contest the LB polls, the long absence of Dr Fehmida Mirza in her constituency and an alleged mysterious inactiveness of Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza could land in very hot waters during the next general elections. The critics of the aggressive politics of Dr ZA Mirza as well as those taking interest in the politics of Badin district talking to this reporter claimed that it would be very difficult for Mirzas to retain their two seats i.e. of PS 72 and NA 230.

They added that under the given political situations when top leadership of PPP wanted to win most of the NA seats from the interior parts of Sindh, would make it next to impossible for so-far undefeated Dr Fehmida Mirza to retain her seat, which she had been winning since 1996. “Though PPP leadership is yet to decide the final candidate of the party on the seat against Dr Mirza on NA 230 but she will not be given enough space to remain undefeated for the sixth consecutive time.

Here it may be recalled that during last general elections held in 2018,  Dr Fehimda Mirza had emerged victorious on NA 230 against her rival Haji Rasool Bux Chandio of PPP  with the margin of few hundred votes while her son Barrister Hasnain Mirza had connivingly trounced PPP’s candidate Syed Ali Bux aka Pappu Shah on PS 72 Tando Bago.. While Dr ZA Mirza was badly defeated by Mohammad Ismail Rahu with a huge margin of votes on PS 74 and younger son of Dr Mirzas, Mohammad Hassam Mirza was also defeated by Mir Ghulam Ali Khan Talpur on NA 229 with the difference of considerable number of votes.