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Mishi Khan and Reham’s tussle is all over the internet

A social media war has ensued between veteran actress Mishi Khan and Imran Khan’s ex-wife and journalist Reham Khan. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, all social media sites are flooded these days with one post after another coming from both the women, with no signs of their row coming to an end anytime soon.

It began with Reham Khan calling Pakistani actors coming out in favour of Imran Khan “Mummy daddy and rich people” with absolutely no political sense of their own.

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Mishi Khan responded on behalf of the entire showbiz fraternity by saying that actors were an integral part of society and had the complete right to express their solidarity with whichever political party they thought was worth supporting.

Khan’s video message got viral, touching the hearts of several PTI fans and also reaching Reham Khan who tweeted in response by asking if this (Mishi Khan) was the same woman who played the role of phupho [paternal aunt] in the film ‘Janaan’, reportedly produced by Reham Khan. Reham Khan also hinted at a friendship between Mishi Khan and ex-prime minister Imran Khan in her tweet.

Mishi Khan had a befitting answer to this as well, and made another video message saying that she did play the role of phupho in ‘Janaan’, but she did so as a professional actress, not out of an affiliation with any political party. She also turned out to be bold enough to ask Reham Khan to get her facts straight and know that she produced only the first spell of the film, during the shoot of which she was married to Imran Khan.

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Mishi added that by the time the second spell began, the two had parted ways and thus Reham Khan’s name was removed from the credits. The “Ajaib Khana” performer also asked Reham Khan to go and check the credits of the film on the internet and see if her name was there in the production.

Mishi also stated that she was not at all a friend of Imran Khan, adding that had she been so, she would have been sitting in Bani Gala right now, and not supporting him from the confines of her own home.

Other than that, Mishi Khan also disapproved of what Reham Khan had to say about Pakistani actors having forgotten Kashmir in their blind support for PTI. To this, Mishi Khan responded by saying that Pakistani actors definitely had Kashmiris in their mind and would continue to raise voice for them. She added that she would not act like Reham Khan who never before talked about Kashmir as she was “too busy working as a weather reporter on BBC and enjoying a western lifestyle”, only to remember Kashmir at this point in time.

Reham Khan has not responded to the latest post of Mishi Khan as yet, but the public definitely awaits a response. Mishi Khan, meanwhile, has stolen the limelight once again after many years, this time not as an actress, but as a person quite vocal about her political views.



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