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Mob harasses actress Hania Amir in Gujranwala

Pakistani film and television actress Hania Amir got harassed by fans in Gujranwala during a meet and greet.

Hania Amir made a stop in Wapda Town Gujranwala to meet with her fans. Everything was going smoothly until the genuine mayhem occurred just as the actress was about to leave the event.

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Fans fiercely surrounded her for pictures as she made her way to the exit towards her car.

Additionally, the audience shoved the actress, “misbehaved,” started hooting, and hurled foul language at her.

The film actress was agitated by the situation, yet she maintained her composure and left the venue right away because of the rude behavior of the crowd.

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The fan’s actions have surprised the online community, who are unable to comprehend it. This has criticized the fans for their disruptive behavior.

It’s important to remember that Hania Amir recently starred in the wildly popular drama series Mere Humsafar, in which her character, “Hala,” is adored by the viewers. Since then, Hania has reached a new level of fame and recognition.



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