Mob killed man over blasphemy charges in Nankana Sahib

Picture source - Social media

A 35-year-old man who had been detained on blasphemy charges was lynched on Saturday after a mob burst into the police station where he was being held in Punjab’s Nankana Sahib district.

Local media reports state that the victim was accused of allegedly desecrating the Holy Quran and that the victim was engaged in witchcraft by the locals.

He was turned over to the local police after the accusation, but once word of the incident went throughout the neighborhood, a mob formed at the police station. The crowd yelled at the cops to turn over the suspect.

In social media videos, the mob is seen climbing the big gates of the Warburton Police Station, forcing them open, and then pouring inside the building.

The accused was then killed by the mob after they stormed the police station, and the body was then dragged through the streets while additional people flung rocks and stick at it.

Senior Punjab Police officers and acting Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi took notice of the incident and demanded an investigation.

Inspector General Punjab Usman Anwar took note of the situation and quickly suspended the senior officers in charge of the inadequate security arrangements.

IG suspended Nankana Sahib Circle Deputy Superintendent of Police Nawaz Waraq and Warburton Station House Officer Feroz Bhatti.