Mohsin Khan was not impressed by Reena Roy’s beauty in marriage

Indian actress Reena Roy’s beauty did not attract Pakistani actor and cricketer Mohsin Khan enough to consider her for marriage.

Mohsin Khan, a former Pakistan Test cricketer, wed the lovely actress Reena Roy in 1983.
The couple divorced in the 1990s.

When Mohsin Khan remarried, he lost access to the daughter’s care, which he had previously received.

“I have no regrets about my marriage,” Mohsin Khan stated during a sports segment on a private TV network.

“I married a person without knowing who or where she belonged to.”

He said that he had made the decision to remain in Pakistan, even after travelling to England to play sports.

While referring to his ex-wife, the former Test cricketer claimed that he had never seen any of her movies before their marriage.

He admitted that although he still doesn’t watch movies, he would watch a bit if it on television from an Amitabh Bachchan film.

Mohsin Khan claimed that he was never taken in by Reena’s attractiveness as all he preferred was to be with a nice person.


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