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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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More secrets of Biden administration out

New secrets made White House embarrassed

More secret documents from US President Joe Biden’s administration have been found, which are causing embarrassment to the White House.

According to foreign media, at first, the secret documents of the Joe Biden administration were recovered from a private office in Washington DC, which he used when he was US Vice President.

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According to media reports, it is not yet known when and where the second part of the secret documents was found, but the US Department of Justice said that it is investigating the matter.

The White House has not confirmed the recent documents, but a US partner of the British broadcasting agency CBS confirmed the documents were found.

The first part of President Joe Biden’s classified documents was found in November at the Pan-Biden Center, a think tank near the White House but things came out about it only this week.

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Previously found secret documents from the Biden era allegedly included reports from U.S. intelligence agencies about Ukraine, Iran, and Britain.

US President Joe Biden earlier also said in a statement that he was surprised to find secret documents and that the Justice Department was closely monitoring the matter.

Meanwhile, the new head of the House Accountability and Review Committee James Comer, said that the US president and his family will be questioned about secret documents.


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