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‘More than 4 lac Afghan refugees are affected by flood devastation in Pakistan’

Around 33 million people in Pakistan are impacted by the devastation of floods and excessive rains, which also includes Afghan refugees.

Pakistan has historically experienced devastating floods; this year’s flooding was more severe and comparable to the disastrous floods of 2010, which claimed over 2,000 lives.

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Over 1,100 people have already died as a result of this year’s monsoon floods, and over 33 million people have been impacted, leaving 6.4 million in need of food, shelter, and other necessities.

According to UNHCR, 421,000 out of 1.3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan are living in the worst-affected areas.

Many more people have travelled to Pakistan in order to receive medical attention, study, work, temporarily find safety or transit to another nation.

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As the floods continue to cause havoc in various regions of the nation, the Pakistani government has taken action and made a request for assistance from the international community.

Government statistics show that more than 287,000 homes have been demolished, 662,000 residences have been damaged, 735,000 animals have died, and 2 million acres of crops have been flooded.

The infrastructure for communications has also sustained substantial damage.

According to a report UNHCR has also provided 10,000 tents and tens of thousands of additional relief supplies, including plastic tarpaulins, hygiene items, cooking stoves, blankets, solar lights, and sleeping mats.

Thousands of sacks have also been supplied to assist families in constructing sandbag defences around their houses.

A UN funding appeal issued in support of the government-led response is asking for US$160 million in order to assist more than 5 million people in the worst-affected areas with the expenses of necessities like food, education, shelter, and protecting separated children.



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