More than Rs22 billion irregularities revealed in PIA’s jet fuel purchase

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Irregularities of more than Rs22 billion were revealed in the purchase of jet fuel for PIA, while more than Rs38 billion was lost due to the grounding of the aircraft.

The Auditor General has released an audit report on the National Airlines (PIA), which revealed irregularities of more than Rs 22 billion in the purchase of jet fuel for PIA.

According to the audit report, PIA’s revenue decreased by 9.2 percent in fiscal year 2021 while the losses in fiscal year 2020 were Rs34.6 billion.

The Pakistan International Airlines has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in its remote audit, removing yet another barrier to the national carrier’s resumed operation of flights to European destinations.
Sources claim that the EASA recently completed the online assessment of the PIA.

Now, in September, the EASA will visit Pakistan to physically inspect both the PIA and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The reinstatement of PIA’s flights to Europe will take place when the final audit is successful.

The PIA will greatly benefit from the start of activities in Europe.

Since June 2020, the national flag carrier is not permitted to travel to European nations.