Moscow warns US of ‘direct military clash’ in case of more aid to Ukraine

Russia on Wednesday said that the US decision of sending more aid to support Ukraine is an “immediate threat” to Moscow’s interests and could result in a direct military confrontation between Russia and US.

“The supply of military products by the US and its allies not only entails protracted bloodshed and new casualties but also increases the danger of a direct military clash between Russia and Western countries,” Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said via Telegram app.

He further added that Russia perceives it as a direct threat to its strategic interests.

The statement comes just hours after US President Joe Biden announced another $625 million (£547 million) in military assistance to Ukraine, including High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers.

On Tuesday, US Vice President Kamala Harris along with Joe Biden, spoke with the Ukrainian president. Biden emphasized that Washington will continue assisting Kyiv.

According to a White House statement, Biden “promised to continue supporting Ukraine as it defends itself against Russian aggression for as long as it takes”.

In September, Washington gave an up to $1.1 billion arms package for Ukraine, which also included 18 HIMARS launcher systems, armaments, drone systems, and radar systems.

As per media reports, the US has provided almost $16.8 billion to Ukraine since the beginning of Ukraine’s invasion.


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