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Motion to procure aircraft for lawmakers to be moved in Senate

Resolution to ease air travel for parliamentarians will be moved in Senate meeting on Monday

A resolution for the purchase of an aircraft to be used by the Senate of Pakistan, is scheduled to be moved in Senate’s upcoming meeting on Monday.

The motion, which is included in the Senate Secretariat’s Orders of the Day, is slated to be brought up by Senator Manzoor Ahmed in the meeting on September 27, 2021. The resolution will suggest the procurement of an aircraft out of the Senate’s budget or by the government, which will greatly curtail travel times and costs, and assist the country’s representatives on their travels abroad.

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The resolution will also note that high-ups in the federal offices and provincial chief ministers’ secretariats are already provisioned helicopters and official aircrafts for their travels. It will add that it is only fitting that the ‘custodians of Parliament’ are granted the same protocol for their travels.


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