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MPA registers harassment FIR against PA secretary

Police arrest deputy general parliament affairs

Member of Provincial Assembly Ashraf Rasool has filed a case against Secretary Punjab Assembly Mohammad Khan Bhatti, Secretary Coordination Anayatullah and Deputy General Parliament Affairs Rai Mumtaz on Sunday, latter of whom was arrested by police.

The First Information Report was lodged in Shahdra Police Station, according to which, Rasool told police that five people came to his home at ten o’clock last morning on a car. “When I came out, I saw Anayatullah, Rai Mumtaz and two unidentified persons who were armed with pistols. Khan and Anayatullah threatened me by putting a gun to my head and said ‘stop going against me, otherwise you will lose your life’,” the FIR read. He claimed the other four people also tried to harass him and after exchanging harsh words, they went away.

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Rasool further told police that Mohammad Khan Bhatti used his influence and rewarded his favorite people with key posts in District Mandi Bahahuddin and other areas. “I raised my voice against him in Punjab Assembly, which is why he is harassing me,” the MPA claimed. On the other hand, Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz Sharif presided over an urgent session regarding the fuss in Punjab Assembly.

The session was told irrelevant people present in Punjab Assembly have planned chaos that would be blamed on Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. Hamza Shahbaz said that “we will never allow anybody to create problem in Punjab Assembly and there will be no compromise on law and order”. The meeting decided that 15 members of the PML-N will enter the assembly in the first phase and review the situation. After the meeting, they went to the assembly and chanted slogans against the speaker, where the police were deployed to stop them from getting inside.

While talking to media, PTI leader and former minister for prisons Fayyaz Hassan Chauhan said that “I reached there after passing from different gates of Punjab Assembly. Sharif family is using the police in an illegal manner”. He further said that the speaker has the authority to call a session as per his will. “There is no law in the whole world that could stop any member of Punjab Assembly from entering the venue but unfortunately the government is using its power for personal gains.”

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He added that the no-confidence motion against the speaker and deputy speaker is part of the agenda but the Sharif family is so fearful of the results that it is trying to stop the session. He claimed that the government has blocked Mall Road but the session will be held at any cost. “The government has no other option which is why it is looking confused and crazy,” he remarked.

The speaker postponed the session until a later meeting on June 6.



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