MPs stage protest in front of Indian HC

Parliamentarians led by Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Friday staged a rally to protest the blasphemous remarks of Indian Bahartiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in front of Indian High Commission (HC) at Diplomatic Enclave. Addressing the rally’s participants, the Senate chairman said that he and his colleagues were there to record their protest against the blasphemous remarks of Indian leaders. He said that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Rehmatul Alamin for the whole universe and appealed Indian general public to condemn such incidents and put pressure on their government to prevent such acts. He demanded the suspension and severe punishments of BJP officials involved in this. Sanjrani said that they should apologize to the Muslims for hurting their sentiments. “We are here to represent 220 million people of Pakistan and it is our demand that the Indian government apologise for the blasphemous remarks. Muslims never tolerate desecration of holy Prophet (PBUH).” Speaking on the occasion, the parliamentarians in their brief speeches strongly condemned the Indian government officials for their blasphemous remarks and demanded strict action against those who made the blasphemous remarks and avoid recurrence of such incidents in future. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly also unanimously passed a resolution on Friday to strongly condemn the blasphemous remarks of the BJP leaders and called for a complete boycott of Indian products.