Multan police fatally shoot two youth

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Two motorbike riders were shot and killed by police, while a third was wounded, after they disobeyed their orders to halt.

The event happened in the early hours of Sunday at Shah Rukun Alam Colony.

The caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has taken notice of the incident and has demanded an inquiry report over the matter. He has said that justice will be served and culprits will be brought before law.

Police said that after eating supper at a motel, the young people left. They came under fire because they disobeyed police orders to stop.

The deceased have been named as 19-year-old Samiullah and 9-year-old Usman. The Nishtar Hospital received the deceased and injured.

Samiullah’s family has refused to bury the dead unless the “killer” policeman has been taken into custody. On the father of the murdered Samiullah’s complaint, a case has been filed against the officer who allegedly fled the scene after the occurrence.