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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
EditorialMurder of two sisters

Murder of two sisters

The patriarchal nature of Pakistani society leads to tragedies such as one that took place recently in Gujrat. Two sisters of Pakistani origin who were settled in Spain were killed allegedly by their brother, uncle and respective husbands who were also their cousins. The motive stated for the killing was that the girls’ unwillingness towards calling their husbands whom they got married to a year and a half earlier to Spain on spousal Visa. After unknowingly marrying their cousins the girls moved back to Spain with their parents. The parents, especially the father, started forcing the girls into calling the husbands as they were also his brother’s sons. The girls who were coerced into the marriage did not want anything to do with them and so they kept refusing. However, recently the mother of the girls coaxed them into returning to Pakistan and creating a relationship with the husbands. The girls were brought to Pakistan where they breathed their last.
This incident is not a one off one. Many women have been targeted for choosing to marry whom they please or for not marrying the one their family chose. Honour killing is rampant in the country with cases sprouting every other day. The patriarchal system has placed the family’s honour with the women who have little to no control over their lives. Mostly, the phenomenon occurs in rural areas where there is lack of education and misinterpreted religious policies. However, many in urban areas also follow the same patterns. Quite recently, a British national of Pakistani origin was murdered in Lahore when she refused to marry a man. The man was the main suspect in the case and later proven to be the murderer.

No excuse or justification can be given for such crimes against a certain gender. The gruesome act of killing someone just because one deems them to be subordinate and weak is a cowardly act. It all stems from the thirst of power that the society instills in a man. Which gives way to toxic masculinity and the idea that women must be controlled. Be it as a wife, daughter or sister. Some don’t even spare their mothers.

There is an inherent need for a change in culture and society. Regressive traditions that limit a woman’s right to choose for herself must be let go of as that is the only way in which society will progress, socially and economically. Those who commit such crimes should face strict action by the law enforcement agencies and the court of law. Until and unless there is not any implementation of the laws created to protect women and vulnerable members of the society such crimes will continue to take place. Moreover, educating the masses against such regressive traditions is a must and this can happen through the media which mostly shows controlling women in a positive light. Women are not subordinates, they are an equal being and must be treated as such. Though successive governments have done progressive legislation for women’s rights and protection, it is the change of the mindset, which is needed. Changing the mindset is the most pressing task for all of us. Unless that is not done, women will keep dying and their blood will be on all of us.


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