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Music Review: Kamli lights up the darkness of the soul

Kamli, a recent Lollywood release, was directed by Sarmad Khoosat with the music by Saad Sultan. It is a tale of love and betrayal. It received a rating of 8.7/10 on IMDB. The public thronged the cinema, giving constructive reviews.

The only thing I enjoyed about the film was the music and choreography.

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The music done by Saad Sultan and the beautiful choreography enraptures the audience.

The first song is based on the anecdote between a lion and his prey. The lion carnivorous wants to eat the deer. The whole idea is to face your fears. Look into the eye of your enemy. Be bold. Don’t be a coward.

The choreographed dance is shot in the jungle. Hina and Amaltas are playing hide and seek. They are like predators waiting to pounce on one another. Is Amaltas a figment of Hina’s imagination or is he real?

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Does Hina fall in love with an apparition? Is Amaltas, Hina’s Messiah?

The theme song titled ‘Kamli’ is my favourite. It wins all hearts, sending the audience into tears.

The lyrics are:

Kaash Koi Jaaney
(I wish someone would know)

Kaisey Urta Dil,
(How my heart flies)

Kiss pai mitta chalta girta dil
(Whom have I given my heart to?)

The lines long for the protagonist to be free as a bird without any shackles. She wants to be free to choose her lover.

Jay veh vekhan apney andar
(If I look within me)

Dissi kali raat, jind na mani koji kamli
(Saw only the black night, the freedom, the craziness)

The lyrics refer to Kamli (pagal). Just like the moth and the fire circle each other, Kamli too lights up the darkness of the soul like a bulb without a socket.

Roshni kara khirat,
(The bulb lights up)

Kahey waqt katey na
(Time doesn’t pass by)

Chahey man behta rahai
(Even if I keep sitting)

The poetry here is beautiful. It can be interpreted as a yearning for divinely love and of corporeal love.

Aik avaragard hawa sai kiya keta jaye
(What does one lunatic say to the wind)

Dur nikal jaye ga tu duri sai ghabrana kiya
(You will disappear far away. Why be afraid of distance.)

The couplet talks of romantic love. If your love is pure and faithful, then it will survive all turbulence, all distance.

Pankh lagaye baaz aye na dil
(The heart wants wing to fly again)

Hosh bhulayen jai dilaya sil aaya dil.
(Finally, the heart has been stitched together)

The final verse talks of how the heart longs to be freed, again. Temptation is gripping the throat. When the heart is shattered into a million pieces and is pieced whole, it brings with it peace and gratitude.

The song is a delicate depiction of true love. Through its music, the film talks of the fragility of emotions. A soft and silent love.

A round of applause for the freedom of expression on behalf of the musician, singer, and lyricist who have come up with a brilliant composition.


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