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Musk plans to activate Starlink in Iran to facilitate demonstrators

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk replied to a tweet by the US secretary of state on Friday, saying that he plans to activate Starlink Satellite internet service in Iran to allow the free flow of information.

In response to Antony Blinken’s tweet “We took action today to advance Internet freedom and the free flow of information for the Iranian people, issuing a General License to provide them greater access to digital communications to counter the Iranian government’s censorship.”

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Elon musk replied, “Activating Starlink …” as per Musk’s Twitter.

The US Treasury Department released guidelines on Friday to broaden internet services accessible to Iranians, amidst US sanctions against the country, amid US sanctions against the country in the aftermath of Masha Amini’s death.

A Treasury official briefing reporters said, as per a Reuters report, “Our understanding of Starlink is that what they provide would be commercial grade, and it would be hardware that’s not covered in the general license; so that would be something they would need to write into Treasury for.”

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A spokesperson for the United States State Department later stated that the revised permit was self-executing so that, anyone who fulfils the requirements described in this general license can continue with their operations without anything above permissions, as cited by i24 news.

Earlier on Monday, The CEO of Space X said that his company seeks to provide Iranians with Starlink satellite broadband service, which they had already supplied to Ukraine in its struggle against Russia’s invasion. Also that he would request an embargo exemption against Iran, according to report.




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