Muslims grieve destruction of historic library in India

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Muslims lament the destruction of a 113-year-old madrassah library in India, which formerly held over 4,500 books, including historic manuscripts and sacred Islamic literature inscribed in exquisite calligraphy.

A sizable mob set fire to the library On March 31, which was a part of the Madrassah Azizia, a renowned Islamic school in the town of Bihar Sharif in the eastern state of Bihar.

The incident happened during the Hindu celebration of Ram Navami, according to the BBC. Before hitting the madrasah, the rioters are said to have screamed provocative chants close by. They were equipped with sticks, stones, and petrol bombs.

This incident was just one of several that day in the area; numerous individuals were hurt, and some cars and businesses came under attack. Police have detained several persons, and an investigation is still ongoing.

Witnesses claimed that a mob of hundreds smashed the madrasah’s locks and front door before vandalizing it. Some individuals threw petrol bombs into the classrooms and library, igniting them.

The library’s contents, which included 250 handwritten volumes, old photographs, and historical papers, were destroyed in the fire.

A woman by the name of Bibi Soghara constructed the madrasah in honor of her late husband, Abdul Aziz. It was first constructed in Patna City in 1896 before being moved to Bihar Sharif.

Additionally, Bibi Soghara gave her property, which included 14,000 acres of land, to charity. She established a trust to ensure that the profits went towards helping the underprivileged with their schooling and other needs.

The trust used the funds to construct hospitals, hostels, schools, and institutions that are still in use today throughout Bihar.