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Muslims in India are being tortured by Narendra Modi’s party, says Bilawal Bhutto

Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari during his interview with Bloomberg stated that Muslims in India are being tortured by Narendra Modi.

He further added that terrible atrocities in Gujarat are being committed by the Indian government.

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Bilawal also asserted that the BJP, the party of Modi, has declared a 20 million bounty on my head which is proof that what I had said was accurate.

PPP chairman Bilawal also urged that early elections are favorable for the country.

Regarding Imran Khan’s decision of dissolving the assemblies of KP and Punjab, he said, “Imran Khan, is throwing eight-months tantrums and is hurting the nation by organizing unnecessary protests.”

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He stated that it is quite regrettable that Imran Khan discusses elections at a time when the nation is going through a very trying situation.

Regarding energy supplies from Russia FM said that we’re not in a state where we’ll be getting any supply anytime soon.

He further added that the catastrophic effect of flooding cut away 10% GDP of Pakistan.

He said that during the summer’s catastrophic floods, more than 1,700 people were murdered, a third of the country was submerged, and the nation’s growth was reduced by half.

“The nation’s economy has suffered losses and damages of around $32 billion as a result of the floods,” Bilawal said.

After the severe floods in Pakistan, Bilawal claimed that the UN felt that the world had not contributed enough money and that the organization could have to suspend its food assistance program the following month as a result.

“According to Julien Harneis, a UN resident and humanitarian coordinator in Pakistan, only around 30% of the $816 million funds needed were raised by the UN and Pakistan’s joint appeal,” Bilawal said.

At a conference in Geneva, Switzerland, on January 9, they (the UN) will ask for further funding, he added.


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