My song is better than PSL’s official song, says Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

London-based local singer and musician Chahat Fateh Ali Khan have said that his anthem for PSL 8 is better than the official anthem of the PCB.

During a conversation with the media in London, the journalist asked Chahat Fateh Ali Khan about the comparison of PS7, PSL 8, and the anthem made by him.

In response to this Chahat Fateh Ali Khan said, “It is all the grace of Allah because if you look at social media, the song made by me is being seen more, the new anthem of PSL Official. Good but the style is the same old, our field of singing is such that our fans, viewers, and audiences want to see new inventions. ‘”

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan claimed, “I think my song is better because it is unique, I have sung in a new style, my lyrics of the song written for PSL are very easy, after releasing this song, I have been receiving calls and messages from parents of small children that our children want to talk to you.”

He further added that his lyrics and singing in a unique way surpassed the official anthem of the previous PSL, now not many people are watching the new PSL anthem.