NA approves motion to prosecute May 9 rioters under military and anti-terrorism laws

Imran's supporters in Mianwali initiated attack on Pakistan, says Khwaja Asif

The National Assembly on Monday passed a resolution pledging to prosecute May 9 rioters, who were responsible for attacks on government and military facilities under the Army Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The House approved the resolution after a majority of lawmakers supported it. The motion was proposed by Defence Minister Khawaja Asif.

Asif read the resolution, stating, “May 9 should be reckoned as a Black Day since heartless and heart-wrenching incidents took place on that day.”

According to a resolution passed by the National Assembly, the relevant authorities would have the power to combat social media misinformation directed at Pakistan’s institutions both inside and outside of the nation.

The resolution stated, “Those involved in such propaganda campaigns should strictly be dealt with under the law.”

Asif claimed that the resolution served as a means for the Parliament to denounce the events of May 9.

Asif said that every legislator must support the Pakistan Army even in the absence of an incident like the riots on May 9.

In a speech to the National Assembly, he firmly denounced the unruly protests that took place the day PTI Chairman Imran Khan was detained and expressed outrage over the assault on military targets. “It was an attack on the country, on Pakistan, not an attack on the military installations.”

He claimed that although India had frequently attacked Pakistani bases, this was the first time an attack had been launched from Mianwali and by supporters of a former prime minister who had specifically named military targets.

“The nations that don’t respect their martyrs are erased,” Asif said. “Are these Pakistanis? The people who attacked our martyrs, their faces should be identified.”



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