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NAB Ordinance 1999 amendment bill passed in National Assembly

Federal government passed the bill to further amend the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 in the National Assembly on Thursday.

Federal Minister for Law Nazir Tarar presented the bill to further amend the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 during the National Assembly session.

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Introducing the National Accountability Amendment II Bill 2021, Azam Nazir Tarar said that the former Prime Minister did not want legislation in this House, the former government continued to run affairs through ordinances.

Azam Nazir Tarar alleged that the former government civil servants were imprisoned without any evidence. Honorable judges have also mentioned that NAB law was used to sideline the opponents.

Azam Nazir Tarar said that we have taken an oath that we will legislate in accordance with the constitution, we do not want to give or take NRO, we want to improve this system, therefore we are bringing amendment against this NAB law.

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“We suffered due to this law. We do not want other people to be victims of it. The NAB law had a 90-day remand with non-bailable powers. There are those who can be brainwashed, when there is bail in many crimes then why not bail in NAB cases”, he said.

This bill is intended to state the parameters of appointment of chairman NAB after retirement. According to the bill, when the chairman NAB retires, deputy chairman would be the interim chairman. If chairman NAB is unavailable then a senior officer would hold the office. Bill would also restrict the extension of chairman NAB. The same candidate who served earlier would not be able to be appointed again.

NAB will be unable to consider the issues related to the tax collection by federal and provincial government. It will also be unable to keep a check on the government projects and scheme. Consultation with the high court judges would be required for the removal of any judge from the NAB.

The procedure for the appointment of new chairman NAB would be began two months earlier and would be completed in 40 days. The authority to appoint the chairman NAB has been shifted from President to the Prime minister. If Prime minister and opposition leader are unable to agree on the candidate, then a parliamentary committee would finalize the candidate in 30 days.

The cases of corruption shall be competed in one year. The inquiry for a corruption case shall be initiated within 6 months. Any person arrested by NAB shall be presented before court in 24 hours. Enough proof and evidences before the arrest are necessary.

The tenure of physical remand has been changed from 90 days to 14 days. In case of false cases, the officer responsible would be jailed for 5 years.



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