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Nadia Hussain’s recreation of Ahsan Khan’s video is being hailed as the best!

Ahsan Khan has become meme material ever since he called himself a ‘British Asian actor working here and there as well’. Initially, the actor got mocked and even severely criticized by the public for hesitating to call himself a Pakistani actor in an event being held abroad.

Although many came to defend the actor by saying that his British nationality might have inclined him to make such a statement, people were still not happy with the fact that after spending a lifetime here and working in several Pakistani dramas and films, Khan gave such a generalized statement regarding where he belongs.

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Now, Khan’s own colleagues have, out of fun, started imitating his statement. A few days back, Yashma Gill was found saying in a video that she has become a bigger fan of Ahsan Khan after getting to know that he is a ‘British Asian’ actor.

Super-model and veteran actress Nadia Hussain, however, is being admired the most for her take on the video. It was during a Ramadan transmission that Nadia Hussain made her video during the break, with Javeria Saud accompanying her and Ahsan Khan also being present on the set. Referring to her own foreign nationality, Hussain, while addressing Ahsan Khan, said, “I want you to know that you are not the only British Asian actor. I am also a British Asian but I don’t work there. I only work here.”

The video sent people into fits of laughter as soon as it got uploaded on the internet, garnering appreciation not only for Nadia Hussain’s sense of humour but also for the fact that she was observed openly accepting a lifetime spent in Pakistan doing Pakistani dramas and fashion shows.

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One of the most admired models of her time making it to the list of Pakistan’s super-models, Nadia Hussain began her acting career in the early 2000s and despite working to date, is mostly remembered for her one-of-its-kind drama serial ‘Phir Youn Love Hua’.



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