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Nadia Khan issues explanation on video controversy

The latest controversy surrounding Nadia Khan is now known to every Pakistani, such was the chaos on the internet which ensued as soon as Khan’s video with Anisa Farooqi got uploaded from Saboor Aly’s wedding event.

Up till now, Nadia Khan had chosen to remain quiet on the issue despite Sharmila Farooqi’s statement that she will file a complaint against Nadia Khan for insulting her mother.

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Nadia Khan has now finally responded but has surprisingly maintained poise and calm. According to a news source, Khan confidently said that Sharmila Farooqi can go to the cybercrime department if she wants, but there’s no use because the video has been taken down. Secondly, the video only shows her praising Anisa Farooqi, while it is the public which believes that the tone is sarcastic. No statement or word, according to Nadia Khan, can be used against her.

Throughout, Nadia Khan has chosen to remain upfront about the entire matter and says that there is no use dragging the issue. In fact, the host and actress was also found saying that things could have gotten worse had she chosen to respond to Sharmila Farooqi the way the politician herself did by calling Khan a ‘shameless’ woman who has nothing else to do apart from gaining publicity.

It is yet to be seen if Sharmila Farooqi still takes a legal action against a celebrity as big as Nadia Khan or forgives her.



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