Names that Jahangir Tareen’s new party may take

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Jahangir Tareen will meet various important personalities today; he has also intensified the process of consultation regarding the name of the party.

Jahangir Tareen tasked the legal team to take immediate steps for party registration. The legal team will fulfill the names of the party and all the requirements required by the Election Commission.

The application will be submitted to the Election Commission next week after fulfilling all legal requirements.

Jahangir Tareen is expected to announce the party in the next few days.

According to sources, two names emerged regarding the new party. According to reports, the names of “Pakistan Insaf Party” and “People’s Friendly Party” are being considered.

However, most of the members think that the new party should be named Pakistan Democratic Party.

Sources said that after consultation with the members of the group, a name will be announced and the same name will be registered with the Election Commission.

Earlier in the day, former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas called on Jahangir Tareen. Jahangir Tareen had invited Sardar Tanveer Ilyas to join the Tareen Group.

Former Muzaffargarh MPA Niaz Khan Gashkori also met Jahangir Tareen on Saturday and announced joining the Tareen group.

Senior Tareen group leader Jahangir Tareen, including Nauman Langrial and Lala Tahir Randhawa, Aoun Chaudhry, and Mehr Aslam Bharwana, were present at the residence.

On this occasion, Nauman Langrial said that he would welcome those who left the PTI ideology.

On the other hand, former members of the provincial assembly who left the PTI decided to form a separate group.

Colonel (retd) Hashim Dogar and Murad Raas started contacting the former members.

Former Punjab home ministers Hashim Dogar and Murad Raas called an important meeting of former PTI leaders and ticket holders today, whose location and time are being kept secret.