Nation remembers Gayari sector martyrs on 11th anniversary

Today (Friday) is marked as the eleventh anniversary of the Gayari tragedy to remember those who accepted martyrdom in the terrible avalanche close to the Siachen Glacier region.

A significant ice avalanche on April 7, 2012, slammed a Pakistani military headquarters at Gayari, 30 km west of the terminal of the Siachen Glacier. The Gayari base, one of the most significant Pakistani bases in the region, is situated in a deep valley at a height of 3,775 meters (12,385 ft) above sea level.

Lt Colonel Tanveer was in charge of the Northern Infantry Battalion in the Gayari Sector. As a result of being buried in an avalanche, 129 Army men lost their lives.

Following the incident, the Pakistani Army launched a search operation that lasted for about two months. All of the fatalities were deemed martyrs on May 29, 2012.

One of the most significant Pakistani bases in the region is Gayari. It is close to a military hospital and serves as an essential supply center for supplies and troops traveling to farther-flung outposts.